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High Yield Dividend Champion Portfolio Update

High Yield Dividend Champion Portfolio Update

The High Yield Dividend Champion Portfolio is a publicly tracked stock portfolio on Scott’s Investments. The goal is to capture quality, high-yield stocks with a history of raising dividends.

The screening process for this portfolio originally started with the “Dividend Champions” as compiled by DRIP Investing. Sadly, the curator of the list at DRIP Investing, David Fish, recently passed away.

In the interim, a Seeking Alpha author has decided to continue tracking and updating the list. The list is comprised of stocks that have increased their dividend payout for at least 25 consecutive years. Stocks are then ranked on yield, P/E and 3-year dividend growth rate and assigned an overall rank.

Stocks are sold on the re-balance date (generally around the 5th of the month) when they drop out of the top 15 (to limit turnover) and are replaced with the next highest rated stock.

The top 25 stocks are below and displayed in order of their overall ranking (figures are from the end of July, “999” indicates a N/A value):

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