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Expert Says: “Look who’s going bankrupt next in America”

Expert Says: “Look who’s going bankrupt next in America”

No one believed Porter Stansberry nine years ago.

As head of one of America’s largest independent financial research firms, Mr. Stansberry’s work back in 2008 led him to a bold, but worrisome, conclusion:

That the world’s largest mortgage bankers–Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which at the time were responsible for nearly 50% of all the mortgages in America–would soon go bankrupt.

In fact, in June of 2008, while their stock prices were still trading at well over $20 per share, Stansberry published a report to his customers titled: “Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Are Going to Zero.”

Inside this report, Stansberry explained:

“For those of you who don’t work in the financial industry, it might be hard for you to immediately grasp what’s so dangerous about the extreme amount of leverage employed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Let me explain exactly what Fannie and Freddie do and why they’re in so much jeopardy…”

We all know what happened next.

Both agencies went bust—and if not for a bailout from the Federal Government, both would have declared bankruptcy.

Barron’s—America’s second biggest financial newspaper—even wrote a story about Mr. Stansberry’s accurate prediction short, and called it “remarkably prescient.”

Over the years, Mr. Stansberry has made a name for himself by accurately predicting the biggest and most important collapses in America.

A few of the others he’s accurately identified well in advance include: General Motors, General Growth Property (America’s biggest mall owner), D.R. Horton (a homebuilder), and Gannett newspapers, to name just a few.

Stansberry also predicted the recent collapse of oil and natural gas prices as early as 2010, when he wrote a report titled: “Peak Oil is a Flat Lie.”

Well, now Mr. Stansberry has issued another fascinating warning, about a new and looming bankruptcy—and a surprising twist that will make it unlike anything we’ve seen in America in nearly 50 years.

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Reverse Splits & Corporate Actions (RGSE)

Reverse Splits & Corporate Actions (RGSE)

We have recently received notification that there will be a Reverse Split with the stock Real Good Solar Inc. (RGSE). The company underwent a 1 for 30 reverse split on the 26 of January 2017. If you have a number of shares in the company your funds could take up to 2-4 weeks to process a payment. See more from Robinhood below:

Reverse Stock Split

A reverse stock split is a corporate action in which the total number of outstanding shares for a stock or ETF is reduced. Reverse stock splits typically occur when the price of a stock or ETF trades below major exchange requirements.

Since only the number of outstanding shares is being changed, the stock split should not change the company’s overall valuation; the price per share should increase proportionally with the reduction of shares.

Reverse Splits & Your Robinhood Account

If you own a number of shares in a stock or ETF undergoing a reverse stock split that is not evenly divisible by the terms of the stock split, you will typically receive cash in lieu of any fractional shares caused by the stock split.

Any cash in lieu of shares due to you for a reverse stock split will be paid to your Robinhood account at a later date to be determined by the DTCC. Please note that this can take several weeks, though we will process them as soon as the funds are available.

Click here for examples: Robinhood Examples

You can also use our link to join:

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