The 4 Best Bitcoin Stocks to Consider (Even If You Hate Bitcoin)

4 Best Bitcoin Stocks

No matter where you stand on cryptocurrencies, you cannot deny their “it factor.”

Thanks to the sector’s unprecedented profitability, several bitcoin millionaires were made overnight last year. Still, traditional investors find this virtual market difficult to stomach. As a result, the concept of bitcoin stocks, or companies that indirectly benefit from the rising bitcoin price, became popular.

Browse the internet on this topic, and you’ll inevitably find financial analysts urging their readers to invest in bitcoin’s underlying blockchain technology, not in bitcoin itself. In the spirit of total transparency, I find this argument somewhat shortsighted. It’s also a bit of a cop-out for those who want to have their cake and eat it too.

Imagine if an analyst told you to avoid Ford (NYSE:F) — or any other automaker — but to instead “invest in cars.” Those who advocate buying blockchain and not bitcoin are speaking words, but not really saying anything at all.

That’s because bitcoin, or the major alternative-cryptos, represent the blockchain’s ultimate, practical facilitation. The blockchain doesn’t clean your room, nor does it cure cancer. Instead, at its root, the blockchain substantially improves data management. In fact, it improves data management so dramatically that you can use the technology to create an entirely new currency.

That’s bitcoin. And that’s why the never-bitcoiners have it all wrong. The best way to invest in the blockchain is to invest in cryptocurrencies.

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