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Investors love real estate.

Instead of directly investing in real estate, REITs offer a better way to invest in real estate.

REITs are the core of a diversified dividend portfolio, along with dividend champions and preferred shares.

Let’s take a look at some real estate.

This research report was produced by The REIT Forum with assistance from Big Dog Investments.

Rental property is one of the great ways to earn retirement income in America.

Landlords can start at a young age and begin building a successful portfolio to generate the cash flow that can replace their paycheck.

In this article, I’m going to help investors work on a landlord’s retirement plan. At The REIT Forum, our primary focus is high yields with relatively low risk. There are times, especially for trades, to invest in more risky securities. However, those tend to be exceptions.

You like real estate, but REITs are better

We will look at Mid-America Apartment Communities (MAA). MAA is an apartment REIT with an emphasis on the non-gateway markets.

Source: MAA investor presentation

That means MAA is focused on the slightly smaller markets such as Atlanta rather than the more common gateway markets of New York and Boston. Because MAA is targeting these non-gateway markets, the properties they own trade at higher capitalization rates. That means the property produces more revenue and income for each dollar of invested capital.

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